Blog Prompt #2: Learning Strategies


The Pomodoro Technique

Summarize your chosen strategy and explain why you picked it.

The Pomodoro Technique uses a tomato-shaped timer to break down time dedicated to studying into 25 minute periods, each followed by 5 minute breaks. It is extremely effective as there is no pause button on the timer, which forces the user to continue on and finish their 25 minutes even if they don’t necessarily want to. After 4 “Pomodoros”, a longer break is allowed. As a result of this system, the short breaks appear more rewarding and relaxing, while also giving your brain some time to rest. This learning strategy is extremely beneficial as it can help improve attention span and overall concentration.

I chose this strategy mainly because I am someone who appreciates an organized schedule. Keeping the order in my everyday school life allows me to get more things done with ease. However, due to my persistent procrastination habits, I sometimes find myself getting off course by using my phone or watching Netflix. Therefore, I feel that with this method, I can get work done efficiently and still have that motivation I need to finish a Pomodoro as I know there is going to be a break just around the corner.

Explain how you will implement the strategy – be as specific as possible.

Thanks to the advances of technology, a physical Pomodoro timer is not required to explore this technique. So, to implement this strategy, I will download a free app that has the same features as a real Pomodoro timer. The timer app allows for work sessions that last 25 minutes, as well as 5 minute breaks separating each Pomodoro. The big break towards the end of one full session is also another feature available. A different ringtone goes off to notify you whether you have completed a Pomodoro, a 5 minute break, or a 25 minute break. Downloading the app is merely dipping my foot into the water, so to actually put this method to use, I will only allow myself to do homework or study so long as the timer is on. This will help me get used to the system and rely on the 25 minutes of work followed by a 5 minute break.

What is your end goal? How will you know the strategy works for you?

My end goal is essentially to always use the Pomodoro technique when studying or simply doing homework, as it will prove to be beneficial the more I use it. I have a really good feeling this strategy will work for me because as aforementioned, I have and I always will appreciate a consistent, stable, and organized schedule, and the Pomodoro technique is the epitome of all of those characteristics.

What are your critical moves?

Behaviour is a key factor in efficient study habits, so I will adjust my behaviour with regards to my studying in order to apply the Pomodoro technique to the best of my abilities. My critical moves will consist of planning my day ahead of time in order to allocate my hours to the most important tasks first. By prioritizing, my Pomodoro sessions will be that much more effective and influential when it comes to my studies.

How will you shrink the change?

I will shrink the change by avoiding procrastinating prior to my study sessions. I have to remind myself that procrastinating will only make things worse and at this point in my life I have to gain control of putting my education before the less important things, for example, Netflix and my never-ending Instagram feed.

How will you tweak the environment?

In order to change the situation or “tweak the environment”, I will figure out what holds me back from achieving the best study habits that I know I have the ability to achieve. The main distraction when it comes to studying would have to be my phone, but lately I’ve noticed that another common distraction is really the actual environment I put myself in whenever I study. Oftentimes I sit on my bed or on a comfy couch to study, thinking that the comfort will only ease the studying process. Realistically, though, it has the opposite effect. I get a little too comfortable and start to feel sleepy. With that being said, I will try to start sitting at a desk, far away from any other distractions, in order to study and do homework efficiently.


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