Blog Prompt #4: Placements

Did you enjoy the experience? Why or why not?

Personally, I did enjoy the experience. I found that the amount of responsibility we had was reasonable and at the same time, slightly challenging. It allowed me to gain more experience with website designing and overall initiative. The interactions with the placement teachers allowed for a guideline with the projects, but at the same time, I was able to put in some of my own ideas and creativity. I am very happy with the progress my partner and I have made so far.

What went well with your placement?

My partner and I efficiently put our class time to use, whether it was to speak to a placement teacher or design a new website. Considering that we were very organized regarding our roles in the placement, everything went smoothly from day to day, and our responsibilities were fulfilled as quickly as possible. Additionally, for the most part, we found it easy to speak with our placement teachers, and so we were comfortable with sharing our own ideas for the site which lead to great results.

What difficulties did you have with your placement?

The main difficulty we encountered was finding a good time to talk to our placement teachers. One of them held extra-help sessions at lunch for their classes so it was difficult to find some time alone with them to show them around their site. The other had a lot to worry about in terms of her own classes and could not find the time to talk to us regarding her site details. Another difficulty came to us more towards the very beginning of the placements, mainly because we were not entirely sure how to start with the site. We worried that our abilities would not be enough for what some of the teachers were asking from us, just because their goals for the site were more advanced than we thought it would initially be. Overall, however, we overcame these obstacles and ended up feeling satisfied with the work we had accomplished.

Do you consider your placement a success?

Despite the few difficulties we encountered, I believe that our placement was a complete success. We were organized, managed our time well, and collaborated efficiently. The most significant aspect when it comes to group projects is teamwork, and I think that my partner and I did a great job at communicating with each other and giving each other a helping hand when we needed it. Most of all, we learned a lot from going through this placement experience and these lessons will be beneficial for the near future.

Do you think the project is useful/has value for IDC students/teachers/students of placement teachers?

I do believe that this project has value for all IDC students, teachers, and students of placement teachers. For the IDC students, it allows them to explore new areas of responsibilities and teamwork. I had never been in charge of creating a teacher’s website prior to this placement, so going through this helped me build on some areas such as initiative, organization, and collaboration. For teachers, this placement can open their eyes to the new age of technology and how the young adults of our future see the world today. For students of placement teachers, this can be beneficial as it can allow them to think about their last year of high school and the responsibilities involved with it, in terms of school work, organization, and potentially, what to expect when taking IDCICT.

How could the project be improved for future IDC classes?

Based on my own experience with this placement, I don’t think that this project requires any major adjustments. I was extremely content with the whole process and I believe that every aspect was beneficial and enlightening. However, if there’s one slight thing I’d change, it’d be that students should write down their “daily difficulties” in the daily log in case they have any, so that they can target their struggles and fix it as soon as possible. That way, any placement stresses will not stay throughout the whole month-long process.


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