Here are various links that I put to use in my life as both a student and a social teenager.

School Use:

Personal Use:

Related to Technology in Education:

Kahoot is a fun, interactive way of learning and teaching. Using a quiz game, teachers can turn their basic lectures into an exciting class competition. It keeps students attentive and generally, it helps them retain important information a lot better.

Khan Academy provides online teaching through YouTube videos and assignments that correspond with each other for a very thorough learning experience. It is extremely useful if a student is struggling with homework and cannot get direct help from a teacher or fellow classmate.

SparksNotes makes studying literature a lot less draining than it naturally is. It summarizes hundreds of novels chapter by chapter, turns Shakespeare’s occasionally confusing works into recognizable English, and provides guides for many other subjects.

Remind is extremely helpful on both student and teacher levels. With this site, you can contact teachers, ask questions and receive answers immediately, and contact other students. With the websites ability to send notifications to email and mobile devices, asking teachers questions and getting an answer has never been easier.

Google Classroom is a holy grail for both teachers and students. With this website, teachers can send out as well as receive assignments electronically, to avoid the hassle of printing ridiculous amounts of paper and getting things lost. Students can receive notifications about new assignments, upcoming due dates, and assignment marks.